As part of the FIFA Quality Programme, the WFSGI Pledge is a tool to ensure that FIFA certified products are manufactured in compliance with the provisions of the WFSGI Code of Conduct.

Since 2012, the WFSGI in collaboration with FIFA, the world’s governing body for football, has been offering the WFSGI Pledge as a tool to ensure that FIFA certified products bearing one of the FIFA Quality Marks are produced in compliance with internationally accepted labour standards and basic environmental requirements as outlined in the WFSGI Code of Conduct.

Each company that wishes to sign a FIFA Licensing Agreement and become part of the FIFA Quality Programme must sign a Pledge form confirming that both the company and their supplier are in compliance with all the principles set forth in WFSGI Code of Conduct. In order to verify this, the FIFA Licensee (applicant) has to provide the WFSGI with an audit report proving its supplier’s full compliance with the WFSGI Code of Conduct. The audit report must cover all the provisions stipulated in the Code of Conduct and must be issued by an internationally recognized third party auditing company. The WFSGI reviews and verifies each audit report, and confirms whether it is sufficient to grant the Pledge.

A separate Pledge is required for each production place where FIFA certified products are manufactured, and every FIFA licensee must renew each Pledge annually. If the company fails to provide the WFSGI with the required documentation in due time or the supplier is not in compliance with WFSGI’s Code of Conduct, FIFA remains the right to withdraw their license.

Currently the WFSGI Pledge is required for the majority of FIFA-certified products: footballs, artificial turf, electronic performance tracking systems (EPTS), floodlights, goals and goal line technology (GLT).

To find out more about the Pledge application procedure, please download the “WFSGI Pledge requirements in brief

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