COA – Communication on Action


The WFSGI has launched the Communication on Action (CoA) – a project aimed to promote Code of Conduct compliance and encourage corporate responsibility disclosure among the WFSGI members.  

The Communication on Action (CoA) is a reporting template that each WFSGI member is expected to complete and submit to the WFSGI at least every two years outlining the actions they are taking to be in compliance with the WFSGI Code of Conduct 

See here  which WFSGI member companies has participate in the Communication on Action (CoA)


Communication on Action (CoA) provides the opportunity for members to: 

  • Ensure compliance with WFSGI Code of Conduct 
  • Benchmark performance and reporting against other members  
  • Share best practices 
  • Identify gaps in programs and target areas for improvement 
  • Strengthen dialogue with stakeholders 
  • Meet requests for disclosure from other stakeholders  

Key requirements:

  • Senior decision-maker statement expressing support for the Code of Conduct and commitment to its provisions 
  • Description of corporate responsibility related actions, programs and policies 
  • Progress against previously set targets 
  • Goals and targets for the next reporting period

COA submissions: 

  • Submissions will be accessible to the WFSGI members  
  • Upon request, submissions can be peerreviewed by other member companies 
  • Members can request publication on public WFSGI website to showcase their activities and progress  
  • Different versions of the template designed to reflect on the broad membership base of the WFSGI 

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Karolina Brazyte, 

Download the Guidance for members here.

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