Sport-specific groups

Sport-specific groups

WFSGI has a number of sport specific industry groups that it represents. WFSGI seeks to work collaboratively with the relevant International Federation and its members on topics of joint interest.

Athletics Working Group

At the start of 2020, WFSGI and the industry began work with World Athletics (formerly IAAF) on their new approach to the regulation of competition footwear. Following two iterations of the Rules published in January and April 2020, WFSGI was asked to Co-Chair a Working Group that was tasked with ‘scoping

and overseeing studies around shoe technology, exploring definitions to provide clarity to athletes about the shoes they are able to compete in, creating a robust certification and control process and providing expert advice and recommendations to the World Athletics Competition Commission on the future direction of World Athletics’ Rules and Regulations concerning elite athlete shoes for the long-term which may or may not be different to the current rules.’. Owing to the volume, intensity, and importance of this work to the industry, WFSGI is in the process of forming a specific Athletics Committee that will help guide the industry’s future work with World Athletics.

Handball Working Group

In 2010, 2016 and 2020, WFSGI together with the leading football brands worked with FIFA to provide constructive input on an update to its Equipment Regulations.

Rugby Working Group

During 2020, WFSGI worked closely with its handball manufacturers and the IHF to clarify the new rules relating to resin-free handballs and the opportunities available to all handball brands. This was a new area of work for WFSGI in 2020 and the industry looks forward to greater engagement with IHF on the implementation of this important new aspect of the handball game and other relevant topics in future.

Badminton Working Group

WFSGI represents the industry at World Rugby’s annual manufacturers meeting, collating, and providing input on various regulatory developments concerning the industry. WFSGI is also working with World Rugby concerning the sustainability of their approved products.

World Badminton Federation

WFSGI and the World Badminton Federation work together to hold an annual badminton manufacturers meeting. WFSGI collates and provides input to BWF on various regulatory developments and initiatives concerning the industry.

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