The WFSGI offers the below collection of webinars on relevant topics in our Industry today. All webinars are hosted by the WFSGI, in collaboration with industry experts.

Olympic Advertising – Rule 40 Generic Advertising Regulations Webinar

Watch Miguel Portela, IOC Advisor on Rule 40 and WFSGI’s Ansley O’Neal as they build on materials released by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) around the topic of the Rule 40 Advertising Regulations which are located on the IOC’s Rule 40 page here.

Should you have follow-up questions on this topic, please contact Ansley O’Neal, Head of Special Projects – Paris 2024 at

15 April 2024

22 February 2023

Protect Your Brand Online: What is New in 2023 & What is Next

With the rapid growth of e-commerce and digital media consumption in 2022, the overall feeling is that the need for brand protection is not diminishing, only shifting. Are you prepared to these new realities? The global leader in online IP infringement detection and removal, CORSEARCH accepted to share with you some exclusive key secrets and case studies to actualize your brand protection strategy, and de facto save you time and money!

Download the MCKINSEY inflation Webinar Presentation

The webinar explored the new challenges that the sporting goods industry is facing and highlighted potential solutions. Inflation and an emerging economic downturn and their potential to slow demand and supply and threaten companies’ financial health.

7 July 2022


4 July 2022

What’s New? Regulatory Trends in the Sport and Fashion Industry 2022

WFSGI and Compliance and Risks are glad to present a Webinar around regulatory trends in the sport and fashion industry. Stacey Bowers, Manager, Global Market Access (Compliance & Risks) and Charlotte Giudicelli, Head of Legal (WFSGI) will show the latest proposed, enacted and amended regulations and mandatory standards establishing labeling requirements for the sport and fashion industry.

Joint WFSGI and McKinsey Webinar –  Sporting Goods 2022

The New Normal is Here.

The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and McKinsey & Company have teamed up to present our second annual Sporting Goods Industry Report — “Sporting Goods 2022: The New Normal is Here”. This report comes after the sporting goods industry experienced a year of tailwinds, often driven by pandemic-related trends. Many companies have been able to capitalize on these trends and the positive industry outlook for 2022 and beyond. This second edition of our report reviews the trends presented in last year’s edition1 and dives into a selection of those taking interesting new turns. These will shape the industry’s fortunes through 2022.


25 January 2022


16 September 2020

Tips and Tricks to Doing Business Online​.

A Multijurisdictional Perspective

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 consumers have become reliant on digital channels to engage with brands, meaning that the acceleration of digital investments and implementation of new technologies has become crucial for businesses if they are going to remain relevant in the wake of the pandemic.

Do You Know what your Customer Thinks About You?

How Online Reviews Affect Your Brand Reputation

WFSGI invites you to join our webinar on how online reviews affect your brand reputation. As the COVID-19 pandemic endures, online platforms such as Amazon continue to strive. Both this year’s market place study by WFSGI technology partner gominga eServices GmbH and recent market developments show the relevance of Amazon & Co. but also that there are many more online marketplaces on the rise.


7 October 2020


22 September 2020

Social Compliance in the Post COVID-19 Supply Chain​.

The pandemic of 2020 has fundamentally changed all aspects of life and business – including the management of the supply chain. In the webinar, Randy Rankin from Eurofins will provide a perspective on the key lessons learned through the pandemic related to understanding deeper supply chain relationships, the criticality of material dependencies and key component continuity.  Beyond the lessons learned, the webinar will explore the action steps to be considered including engaging reliable, stable sources of supply as a critical success factor.  

Delivering sustainable development solutions through sport-education partnerships

The current health pandemic presents an unprecedented challenge to the world of sport, from the postponement of elite events through to the reduced purchasing power of consumers and the closure of schools and community sports clubs. COVID-19 has exacerbated existing, intersecting crises related to physical inactivity, NCDs, malnutrition, mental health and inequality. These impacts, combined with economic downfall and stretched capacity within governments to respond effectively, create an opportunity for an integrated, international response which draws on the expertise and input of a public/private compact of sport education partners to build back better.


28 October 2020


8 July 2020

Perspective on the Sporting Goods Industry Post-COVID-19​.

How Online Reviews Affect Your Brand Reputation

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve rapidly, sporting goods brands, manufacturers and retailers around the globe have been taking immediate action to respond to this challenge and are now looking ahead and preparing for the Next Normal. 

Bike Market Outlook & Perspectives

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to evolve rapidly, the bicycle industry is facing new challenges. The pandemic has caused an immense spark in the bicycle purchases and usage. We are experiencing a cycling boom. This webinar is devoted to industry leaders insights on current supply source limitations, forward looking trends, forecasting the future needs, and preparing for the next normal.


2 December 2020