Digitsation of Product Information Task Force

Digitisation of Product Information Task Force

Roots of the Project: 

In January 2020, the WFSGI Legal Committee members exchanged on the challenges they were experiencing with labels and decided to create a WFSGI task force on the digitisation of product information topic where they could:

• Share information/best practices​ 

• Push/lobby at international level for the digitization of product information​ 

Identified Common Challenges: 

Labels are too long and de facto costly for businesses
 – e.g. obligation of translation in official languages and sometimes, no possibility to use pictograms

Unpredictable & fluctuating regulations
 – Lack of harmonized regulations worldwide​ 


Labels irritate customers
 – They usually do not understand the information which is on the product and very frequently cut the labels out due to their size or scratchiness​ 


Ambiguity related to the definition of durable medium & lack of harmonization​ 


Increasing of technical barriers​ 


Environmental impact 

Digitisation as a Solution: 

Digitisation could be defined as the process of converting information from a physical format into a digital one

• E.g. QR codes​ 


• E.g. NFC technology​ 


• E.g. terminal in stores where the customer can choose between printing or receiving an email directly. 

Status Quo
Members who are Already In!

In connection with initiative, you may also be interested in reading the following article published in the WFSGI Magazine 2020:


DIGITISATION OF PRODUCT INFORMATION – The solution to break down protectionism’s barriers.

Juliette Barenne,Legal advisor, Decathlon group, Chairman of the non food committee at Eurocommerce;
Romain Codron,Legal advisor, Decathlon group, Member of the WFS

For more information on this project please contact:

Ms. Charlotte Giudicelli,

WFSGI Head of Legal


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