WFSGI Coalition Against Counterfeiting

Fighting Counterfeiting – On the Ground

Since 2019, WFSGI members have been joining forces to fight against counterfeiting on the ground.

A first joint raid has been successfully conducted in Southeast Asia in the first half of 2020, targeted multiple shopping malls and a second raid is planned to take place soon when the global health situation allows on warehouses.

Multiple benefits are created, when brands, who are highly exposed to on the ground counterfeit activities get together:

    1. A collective effort of several well-known, if most famous brands in this area is taken much more serious by local enforcement authorities compared to individual actions.
    2. Counterfeiters are more massively hit, when they are attacked by a group of IP rights holders. The idea is to put the suspects completely out of business.
    3. Last but not least, such collective efforts have substantial scaling cost saving effects.​ 

To guarantee the success of these operations, the specific targeted locations cannot be divulgated publicly, but more information can be obtained by WFSGI members, if they expressed interest in participating in these joint raids.

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