PLEDGE (General)


The WFSGI Pledge is a service to ensure that sports products are manufactured in compliance with the provisions of the WFSGI Code of Conduct outlining internationally recognized labour standards and basic environmental requirements.

Since 1997 the WFSGI and the sporting goods industry have actively worked with FIFA to eliminate child labour in Pakistan and India, and improve working conditions for those producing FIFA-certified products. What started with the signing of the Atlanta Agreement (1997) as a single point focus monitoring solution for child labour in football stitching, over the years became a tool covering a broad range of internationally recognized labour standards and embracing global production of sports products.

Since 2012 the WFSGI has been providing the service of the WFSGI Pledge, which helps international federations ensure that sports products that are used in national and international competitions are manufactured in a way that respects human rights and doesn’t adversely impact the environment.


Should you have any questions or need any information about the WFSGI Pledge, please do not hesitate to contact us by email  or call +41 31 939 60 61.

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