WFSGI Pledge for the FIFA Quality Programme

Here You can find all WFSGI Pledge requirements in detail for different product categories in the WFSGI Guidance Manual & Agreement.

As the world governing body for the sporting goods industry, the WFSGI strives to promote fair and environmentally friendly trade and working conditions. As world football’s governing body, FIFA promotes “building a better future for all through football” as one of its key missions. Both organisations campaign for fairness, honesty, mutual understanding and ethical standards in factories that produce sporting goods. The ideals are identical to those of sports.

With this in mind the WFSGI and FIFA have created the Pledge. Companies who are signing the WFSGI Pledge for the FIFA Quality Programme vow and are committed to eliminate poor working conditions from the production of FIFA licensed products. By signing every single page of the Pledge Form, the Proxy Holder of the Manufacturing Plant producing for FIFA Licensee(s) signifies that he has read, understood, accepted and undertake to fully comply with all provisions of the WFSGI Code of Conduct.

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