WFSGI Magazine 2022: The New Age of Disruption

WFSGI Magazine 2022: The New Age of Disruption

The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) is pleased to announce the release of our annual publication, the WFSGI Magazine 2022 edition!

As the WFSGI pushes forward during these unprecedented times, the magazine offers a retrospective of the sporting goods industry during the past 18 months along with a look into the future and how the industry can perform at its best! The publication covers highlights of WFSGI working areas and successful practices, along with opinion pieces from industry experts, advocacy to increase physical activity and sport participation, case studies, best practices, and identified trends and developments in the sporting goods industry.

Click here to view the electronic magazine and here to download the electronic pdf version. As always, the WFSGI has distributed printed copies all over the world, which should be arriving shortly.

We would like to thank all of the authors and advertisers for their contribution and hope you find the content to be valuable and inspiring.

Table of Contents

The Disruption in Sports:  

  • The NOC Competition Uniform Support Programme: Demonstrating the Olympic Spirit of Solidarity
  • Uniting through Digital Acceleration
  • Representing the Athletes’ Voice in the Olympic Movement
  • International Federations are at 10 Minutes to Midnight?
  • Sportstech Goes Mainstream – Drivers, Trends & Effects

The Disruption in the Environment:

  • From Individual (Physical) Actions to Collective (Digital) Action
  • Fit for Life: Activating Smart Investments in Sport to Build Back Better
  • Reaching the SDGs by Bike
  • Sustainable Sportswear: Working Towards Sustainable Sporting Fashion

The Disruption in the Sporting Goods Industry:

  • World Cycling Forum 2021 Brings Bicycle Industry Together
  • Shifting the Dates was not only a Bold move – It was a Necessary Move
  • Distribution Rules of Sporting Goods in Europe 2022 – A Different Ballgame?
  • Digitization of Product Information Taskforce – A Synergy Dedicated to Sports Users
  • Product Recalls: Better Safe than Sorry
  • The Future of Sports and Sporting Goods: How Smart Technology is Changing the Landscape
  • Time to Rethink the Obvious – Urgency of a Global movement to Dismantle Trade Barriers for the Footwear Sector
  • Unprecedented Times? Absolutely