Motoi Oyama-san, Chair and CEO, Representative Director ASICS Corp. and James Zheng, Executive Director and President of Anta Sports Products China, were both elected for a three-year term as Co-Chairs of a renewed Board at the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industries (WFSGI) General Assembly in Munich, Germany on 29 January 2020.

Motoi Oyama and James Zheng are taking over from Sean O’Hollaren, Senior Vice President, Government and Public Affairs at Nike Inc. Sean O’Hollaren remains on the WFSGI Board as the immediate Past Chair and a representative for Americas.

Motoi Oyama and James Zheng are automatically elected as Member of the Executive Board and as representatives for Asia/Oceania in accordance with By-Law 10.4.

The new Co-Chair structure is an ideal match when it comes to the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games 2020 in Japan and the Beijing Olympic Winter Games 2022 in China.  As an IOC Recognized Organization and with a Chair coming from each country, the WFSGI is well placed to deliver the right support to the industry and the Olympic movement.  We will work closely with the IOC to determine the best way to maximize our organization’s synergies for the benefit of the industry, the athletes and the Olympic Movement.  We will also seek to build on our existing engagement and collaboration with the International Federations and ensure that our industry can continue to support our athletes in performance and health, and through promotion. Our industry is one of the largest product suppliers to National Olympic Committees during the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020.  We are also proud to say that 77 NOC’s and around 600 athletes will receive free of charge competition uniforms from 12 WFSGI members through an IOC and WFSGI solidarity initiative called the ‘NOC Uniform Support Programme’.  The Programme, now in its third edition, is designed to help athletes whose NOC’s are either unable to procure sponsors or afford products that comply with the Olympic Games’ Rule 50. The Programme therefore ensures the supported NOC’s athletes are able to focus their efforts on their performance in the Games with pride and without fear that their team uniforms are non-compliant.

Also, the financial results of WFSGI have been very positive, as has been the case in the last 12 years. In the meantime, 1/3 of the income is generated from other income then membership fees. This is through partnerships with Compliance and Riskgominga or Convey but also through other services, including the World Manufacturers Forum or the World Cycling Forum.

Sean O’Hollaren added in his outgoing speech, that the Federation is as strong as never before in history and that he is very much looking forward to see the Co-Chair be taken by two very talented and strong leaders of the sporting goods industry.

We are also pleased to inform that both, Tom Cove, President and CEO of the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), and Andy Rubin, Chair of Pentland Brands Ltd., will continue as Vice-Chair for the Americas and Europe/AfricaRobbert de Kock remains the President and CEO of the WFSGI.

Short background of the new Co-Chairs
Motoi Oyama joined ASICS Corp. in 1982. 2001 Motoi Oyama was chosen as President and COO of ASICS Europe B.V. and in 2005 he became Chair and CEO of ASICS Europe B.V. In 2008 he became President and Representative Director of ASICS Corp. Since 2011 Motoi Oyama leads the ASICS Corp. as CEO and since 2017, he is also chosen as Chair of ASICS Corp. Motoi Oyama graduated at Faculty of Business, Osaka City University.

James Zheng joined the Anta Group in October 2008 and has over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing management, including over eight years in the China division of an international sportswear brand as the sales Vice President and the General Manager. James Zheng holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Science from Shanghai Fudan University.


The Assembly saw the election of newcomers on the WFSGI Board.

  • Dave Wheeler, Executive Vice President of Value Chain and Chief Supply Chain Officer of New Balance Athletics Inc.,
  • Bob Margevicius, Executive Vice President of Specialized Bicycle Components,
  • Gumercindo Neto, Partner and CEO of RG3 Consulting,
  • Nouman Idris, Chief Executive Capital Sports Corp. (Pvt.) Ltd. and Chief Executive Muta Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.,
  • Shuichi Koseki, President of DESCENTE Ltd.,
  • Johan Adamsson, Global Director of Sports Marketing and Sports Licensing of PUMA SE,
  • Manuel Pauser, Head of Global Government Affairs of adidas Group,
  • Didier Morelle, Business Unit Leader of DECATHLON, E-Bikes Industrial Division of DECATHLON,
  • Colin Li, Executive Director of Li Ning (China) Sporting Goods Co. Ltd.

The WFSGI gives the new WFSGI Board Members a warm welcome!

John Larsen, President Emeritus New Balance Athletics, Inc. and Director New Balance UK, as well as WFSGI past President, has been chosen as Honorary President of WFSGI.
The WFSGI appreciates the influence John has had on the Federation and thanks John for his years of dedicated work for the industry! Thank you very much!  John joins Stephen Rubin of Pentland Brands as the only other Honorary President of WFSGI.

OUTLOOK 2020 – 2023

He further stated that he is proud to move the Federation forward globally with the support and engagement of the industries’ leading brands and organizations. “We are one team and we are using the power of sport to change the world” Robbert de Kock reported.

WFSGI President and CEO, Robbert de Kock, reported at the General Assembly another successful year for the WFSGI in terms of membership, services and finances. The WFSGI Committees are very engaged in their activities’ that serve the WFSGI members and the whole industry.

The WFSGI is developing a new strategy for 2020 – 2023 that focuses more on the futures challenges of our fast-growing and developing world. The new strategy will focus on the needs of the different WFSGI member categories and it will outline the three main roles of the WFSGI to lead, advocate and educate. Part of the new strategy is also to define which field of activities have to be prioritized in the upcoming years. This comprises the partnership with international sport organizations, driving sustainability, enabling trade, increasing physical activity, ensuring compliance and supporting supply chain and innovation.