The 2022 edition of the WSF will include the following presentations:


Dr. Jochen Schaefer WFSGI Legal Counsel
Monday, 28 November
10:00 10:30
Future Lab – Sustainability Hub

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The presentation will deal with the new European Union competition law rules, which are in force since June 1, 2022 and which offer new strategic opportunities for sporting goods brands, importers and retailers to structure/adjust the various offline and online distribution channels.


The revised EU Block Exemption Regulation 2022 imposes however also some new obligations on industry and trade in particular in the area of direct-to-consumer sales of brands. To be prepared and to make use of this new law means to gain a competitive advantage over others.


Dr. Jochen Schaefer WFSGI Legal Counsel


Dr. Jochen M. Schaefer (“JMS”) has gained comprehensive experience as lawyer and external legal counsel to numerous German and international companies with a strong focus on the sporting goods sector.


He started his professional career as member of the legal department of company Adidas and became soon its General Counsel with worldwide responsibilities.


Since 1986 already JMS is the Legal Counsel of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and also the Legal Counsel of the Federation of the European Sporting Goods Industry (FESI).


After he had built up and successfully operated his own law office in Nuremberg, he became for more than 20 years an equity partner and managing partner of leading German and international law firms, before he decided in 2007 to run his own law firm in the Munich region and to take care of his German and international corporate clients and diverse industry federations within and beyond the sporting goods sector.


In his capacity as Legal Counsel of the WFSGI, JMS initiated among others a successful collective brand project to efficiently combat illegal offerings in the World Wide Web, at individual client level he has accompanied numerous well-known brands to devise complex German and international distribution schemes at wholesale and retail level with a special focus on offline and online distribution.


His hobbies are (apart from his sports activities, which include cycling, SUP, scuba diving, sailing, mountain hiking and skiing) traveling, music and reading.


JMS Is an active member of Rotary Club Munich International, the only English-speaking club in Munich and a long-term board member of the Licensing Executive Society Germany. More details can be found at .



Monday, 28 November/ 10:00 – 10:30 (CET) / Future Lab – Sustainability Hub


Alexander Thiel, McKinsey and Robbert de Kock, WFSGI
Tuesday, 29 November
14:00 15:00
Future Lab – Main Stage

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The world is in disarray – the ghost of global recession, the return of War to Europe borders, global supply chain shocks, rapidly rising interest rates, and borrowing costs create an almost unparalleled challenging environment.


Our upcoming WFSGI / McKinsey & Company report “Sporting goods 2023 – the need for resilience in a world in disarray” to be published in January will explore how the industry can increase its resilience to weather the current storm. In addition, we will focus on key trends shaping the industry, including increasing brand relevance, growing pressure to deliver on sustainability promises, nearshoring as an exciting option, and the growing interest in sporting goods assets by private investors.


At ISPO, we will provide an exclusive first look and share some of our key findings.


Alexander Thiel

Alexander Thiel is a Partner and a leader of McKinsey Sporting Goods Practice in
EMEA as well as the Consumer Sector in Switzerland. He serves Sporting Goods

brands, retailers and manufacturers.


Robbert de Kock

WFSGI President and CEO

Sabine Becker

Sabine is an Associate Partner in the Apparel, Fashion, and Luxury practice and part
of the leadership of McKinsey’s Sporting Goods Practice.


Jessica Genta

Jessica is a Project Manager in the Consumer Goods practice, with focus on Sporting



Tuesday, 29 November / 14:00 15:00 (CET) / Future Lab Main Stage



The World Sports Forum (WSF) was established in 2001 as independent not-for-profit association under the umbrella of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WSFGI) with its head office now in Ittigen/Bern, Switzerland.

The objectives of the WSF are:


To further the positive effects of sports and physical activities , the promotion of knowledge, education, research on the impact of sport on society including without limitation the youth of this world and the encouragement of interdisciplinary discussion on sport and physical activities beyond political, ethnical, religious, cultural, linguistic or economical frontiers, the exchanges of information and experiences to contribute to sustained peace, better health, mutual understanding, fair play and the values of sports in general;


To foster and encourage the participation of citizens of all countries in healthy sporting and physical activities; and where practical, financially viable and approved by the WSF board to provide the means for such activity by making use of its funds available including donations the Association may receive from third parties;


To promote awareness and to assist in designing, producing and making available programs and to stage, organize and participate in events in cooperation with other internationally recognized institutions, federations, organizations and other entities and individuals of high repute with the goal to bring together opinion leaders, athletes and other outstanding personalities from sports, politics, international organisations, economy and science for an exchange of ideas and thoughts on sport in general and its influence on our society;


to function as a research organization and assist in furthering knowledge of the positive effects of sports and physical activities for all with a view to communicate the results to the worldwide community and those parties it may concern including without limitation governments, international organizations and federations and international media;


To function as a non-profit professional and educational Association encouraging high standards and ethics among persons and parties dealing with and related to sports and engage in and encourage any lawful, financial, commercial and other activities conducive to the objectives of the Association;


To function as a research organization and assist in furthering knowledge of intellectual property and of business dealings with and related to intellectual property, including domestic and international licensing of intellectual property rights and transfer of technology with a view to effecting its optimum employment on a worldwide basis;


To collect, manage and disburse funds including donations and other contributions it may receive from any source compatible with the nature of the Association to realize the foregoing objectives;

To achieve its mission as established from time to time by its board in accordance with the above objectives.


2021: The Next Normal for an Industry in Flux

The World Federation Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and McKinsey & Company have teamed up to present our inaugural Sporting Goods Industry Report — “Sporting Goods 2021: The Next Normal for an Industry in Flux”.

2022: The New Normal is Here

The World Federation Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and McKinsey & Company have teamed up to present our second Sporting Goods Industry Report — “Sporting Goods 2022: The New Normal is Here”.


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