The World Sports Forum (WSF) was established in 2001 as independent not-for-profit association under the umbrella of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WSFGI) with its head office now in Bern/Switzerland.


The objectives of the WSF are:


To further the positive effects of sports and physical activities , the promotion of knowledge, education, research on the impact of sport on society including without limitation the youth of this world and the encouragement of interdisciplinary discussion on sport and physical activities beyond political, ethnical, religious, cultural, linguistic or economical frontiers, the exchanges of information and experiences to contribute to sustained peace, better health, mutual understanding, fair play and the values of sports in general;


To foster and encourage the participation of citizens of all countries in healthy sporting and physical activities; and where practical, financially viable and approved by the WSF board to provide the means for such activity by making use of its funds available including donations the Association may receive from third parties;


To promote awareness and to assist in designing, producing and making available programs and to stage, organize and participate in events in cooperation with other internationally recognized institutions, federations, organizations and other entities and individuals of high repute with the goal to bring together opinion leaders, athletes and other outstanding personalities from sports, politics, international organisations, economy and science for an exchange of ideas and thoughts on sport in general and its influence on our society;


to function as a research organization and assist in furthering knowledge of the positive effects of sports and physical activities for all with a view to communicate the results to the worldwide community and those parties it may concern including without limitation governments, international organizations and federations and international media;


To function as a non-profit professional and educational Association encouraging high standards and ethics among persons and parties dealing with and related to sports and engage in and encourage any lawful, financial, commercial and other activities conducive to the objectives of the Association;


To function as a research organization and assist in furthering knowledge of intellectual property and of business dealings with and related to intellectual property, including domestic and international licensing of intellectual property rights and transfer of technology with a view to effecting its optimum employment on a worldwide basis;


To collect, manage and disburse funds including donations and other contributions it may receive from any source compatible with the nature of the Association to realize the foregoing objectives;

To achieve its mission as established from time to time by its board in accordance with the above objectives.


The 2022 edition of the WSF will be held on Saturday 22nd January at 15:30 immediately following the conclusion of the WFSGI’s General Assembly.  Held in-person in Room 5 – ICM, it will also be possible for participants to join online via streaming (join link and information to follow shortly).

The 2022 WSF will include an exclusive presentation of the new WFSGI and McKinsey state of the sporting goods industry report that will be published during ISPO Munich 2022.  The 2022 WFSGI and McKinsey report will cover:

1. A review and update on the trends identified in the WFSGI and McKinsey 2021 report: ‘The next normal for an industry in flux’ (download report by clicking the button below)

2. A deep dive on selected trends that have developed or emerged during 2021 including:

· The new normal of consumer behaviour as the world moves through the pandemic.
· The growth and impact of social commerce.
· The future of sales channels.
· The challenges emerging in supply chains.

The presentation of the report will be followed by a panel session with leading experts on the key topics emerging from the WFSGI and McKinsey report and an opportunity to ask questions.  Don’t miss out!

“Sporting Goods 2021: The Next Normal for an Industry in Flux”

The World Federation Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and McKinsey & Company have teamed up to present our inaugural Sporting Goods Industry Report — “Sporting Goods 2021: The Next Normal for an Industry in Flux”.