The WFSGI Magazine is our official annual publication that is representative for our global activities.

Your advertisement and participation in the WFSGI Magazine 2020 increases your visibility in the sporting goods industry and spreads your message to a unique sports community. Here, you have the opportunity to get your message directly to key decision makers.

We offer a high-quality distribution channel for effective reach. 16’000 print copies (free of charge); handed out to participants of important industry meetings such as WFSGI Annual Meeting, the World Sports Forum, the World Cycling Forum and the World Manufacturers Forum; available for visitors and exhibitors of major trade fairs WFSGI is attending during the year like ISPO Munich, ISPO Shanghai, China Sport Show, TAISPO, Taipei International Cycling Show and Eurobike. Personally addressed copies to executives of:

  • All members and partners of the WFSGI
  • Major sporting goods brands
  • Sporting goods retailers
  • Manufacturers and distributors of major brands
  • Sporting goods industry associations
  • International Sports Federations
  • Members of the International Olympic Committee
  • Representatives of the National Olympic Committees
  • Bidding cities
  • Major sport events worldwide
  • Government sports agencies
  • Organizers of fairs & sports conferences
  • Members of the press
  • United Nations agencies (WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc.)


WFSGI MAGAZINE 2019 - a short preview:


Time has become organic. Short, middle and long term strategies have acquired new meanings, and they regulate themselves oriented on market needs. The market itself pushes and influences business day by day, breaking up and shifting us to explore for new operational models in order to fulfil the industry’s expectations . High-resolution business-functionality and the ability to adapt procedures are a challenge, but demanded. There are so many possibilities, maybe too many? How much tradition should we keep and how much innovation should take impact on our businesses? Is a change needed? Just an adjustment? Or a total transformation to be able to survive? Finding the perfect match - that’s all about, to leverage key resources during companies-metamorphosis.