By participating in the World Cycling Forum you will be able to join an exceptional network where both academics and representatives from various industries will share global trends and changes with you.

The Forum will help spark discussions about the way you can collaborate and communicate with your consumers and how you can increase flexibility in the production process and supporting supply chain to handle this possible variation in consumer change request.

World Cycling Forum audience

The World Cycling Forum will have an audience of over 200 CEO’s, COO’s, MD’s and decision makers of (electric) bicycle makers, parts makers, distributors as well as retail chains and retail organizations. The Forum features high-level keynote speakers, reaching from universities, to Intersport International, Carlsberg Group, adidas ag, consulting agencies, shoe machinery, fast fashion and marketing experts, providing hands-on advice on – among others – how to be consumer centric and to increase the speed-to-market.

Questions addressed

The World Cycling Forum will answer the following big questions:

  • Why and what with consumer centricity?
  • Is it triggering the switch to omni-channel?
  • What new distribution strategies come with omni-channel?
  • The need for speed changes production. What’s going to happen there?
  • Need for speed urges for collaborative planning; how, what, when and who?
  • Is reshoring viable and is with that an all-out robotization inevitable?

World Cycling Forum takeaways

The answers provided by the World Cycling Forum keynote speakers on the named questions will lead to the following conference takeaways:

  • Online ordering consumers call for increased supply chain flexibility
  • Supply chain strategy options
  • Speed to market targets
  • Benefits of being fast
  • New strategies for online business models
  • Small scale exhibition presenting production at Bike Valley Portugal and at other European regions
  • Interactive format
  • Connect, network