Find below the most current draft agenda for the World Manufacturers Forum 2018. If you wish to download the agenda, please click here. 

DAY 1 - DECEMBER 11, 2018

  • 09h00


    by Robbert de Kock, President/CEO, WFSGI and moderator Prof. Edwin Keh, HKRITA, Hong Kong

  • 09h30

    State of Blockchain 2019: Working Examples

    by Nicholas Russell, IDEA London, University of London, London, UK

  • 10h30


    Nicholas Russell - moderated by Prof. Edwin Keh

  • 10h45

    Coffee break

  • 11h15

    Manufacturing in the Digital Age - The need for Real-time visibility and Data Driven decision making

    by Martin Strommer, Advisor to the Board, nCinga Innovations, Singapore

  • 12h00


    Martin Strommer - moderated by Prof. Edwin Keh

  • 12h15

    WFSGI Manufacturers Forum Update

  • 12h45


  • 14h00

    The State of Skills: Human Labor in the Digital Age

    by Catherine Cole, Executive Director, Alvanon, Hong Kong

  • 14h45

    Worker emplowerment in supply chain

    By Harry Nurmansyah, Senior Director, Field Operation, Social & Environmental Affairs, Asia Pacific, adidas, Indonesia

  • 15h30


    Catherine Cole and Harry Nurmansyah - moderated by Prof. Edwin Keh

  • 15h45

    Coffee break

  • 16h15

    Digital transformation of the textile value chain

    by Mark Jarvis, Managing Director, World Textile Information Network (WTiN)

  • 16h45


    Mark Jarvis - moderated by Prof. Edwin Keh

  • 16h50

    Wrap Up Day 1

    by Prof. Edwin Keh

  • 17h30

    Apéro and Dinner

  • 22h00

    End of Day 1 / Individual Return to Hotel

DAY 2 - DECEMBER 12, 2018

  • 09h00

    Digitalisation and Smart Supply Chain - The next evolutionary step of the footwear industry

    by Christian Decker, CEO, DESMA, Germany

  • 10h00

    Industry 4.0 Key entry points available and affordable today

    by Jonas Wand, Chief Sales Officer, FOURSOURCE Group GmbH, Germany

         Louise Leuchtenberger, Head of Marketing & PR, FOURSOURCE Group GmbH, Germany

  • 10h45


    Christian Decker and Jonas Wand & Louise Leuchtenberger - moderated by Prof. Edwin Keh

  • 11h00

    Coffee break

  • 11h30

    Workshop - Industry 4.0 applications for Industrial Parks: The next leap

    by Prof. George Huang, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong China

  • 13h00


  • 14h30

    Lab Grown Fabrics and Materials and/or Fabrics from Natural Fibers

    by Kanji Kajiwara, Faculty of Textile Science and Technology, Shinshu University, Japan

  • 15h15

    Industry example innovative technology and materials in manufacturing

    by Marius Janta, Senior Project Manager, Research, Application & BD, WT | Wearable Technologies, Germany

  • 16h30


    by Kanji Kajiwara and Marius Janta - moderated by Prof. Edwin Keh

  • 16h45

    Summary of the Conference

    by Prof. Edwin Keh

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