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As your global federation, we appreciate that COVID-19 has created a very challenging set of circumstances for the sporting goods industry. At WFSGI, we are committed to providing our members with a regular source of information on COVID-19, researching and providing information on the impact of COVID-19 on our global industry and keeping you up to date on its impact on the sporting environment. This HUB serves as a support and resource centre for our members.

If there is specific information you would like us to share with you that we have not included in the COVID-19 HUB or in our newsletters, please contact the Communication Department: communication@wfsgi.org.


Members can also contact us with any enquiries they may have through the confidential COVID-19 Helpline: covid19support@wfsgi.org.

Who & Physical Activity Committee Actions

Sporting Goods Industry shares resources to help Global Community be safely active during COVID-19 & support WHO’s #HealthyAtHome campaign.

Read more details on WHO #HealthyAtHome campaign

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has launched a new celebrity challenge around being #HealthyAtHome (in COVID confinement). The campaign encompasses tips on physical activity, parenting, and mental health. The WHO Director General has invited the Sporting Goods Industry to join in and amplify this campaignWFSGI has been asked to invite its Members, their Athletes and their wider Communities to amplify WHO’s #healthyathome communications to help protect people from COVID-19 and promote health during this time.

Support for WHO can be shown through:

  • use of their social media tiles (download tiles here),
  • promotion of the #healthyathome tagline on any of your company channel (social media, website, etc.) and
  • promotion of WHO messages and materials (videos, graphics).

WFSGI Announces Guidelines to Re-Open Gyms & Facilities in Context of Covid-19

The World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) is pleased to announce the release of global guidelines to re-open gyms, fitness studios and aquatic facilities in the context of COVID-19. The guidelines are comprised of a key considerations document with accompanying risk assessment and mitigation tools.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: WHO #HealthyAtHome campaign

Those resources were supplied by adidas/Reebok, Decathlon, New Balance, NIKE, and others, and are accessible through our Public Download Center. Click the links and then follow the path ‘Physical Activity & COVID-19 Physical Activity Resources’ -> ‘COVID-19: Physical Activity Resources from WFSGI Members’.

• Collection of physical activity resources from the WFSGI members of the Sporting Goods Industry.


• Brand Physical Activity resources.


Take part in the monthly pulse survey & read the monthly results of each survey

The WFSGI Pulse Survey confirms significant impact of COVID-19 on Global Sporting Goods Industry and forecasts sustainable products to be key post-COVID market trend.

WFSGI asks its members on a regular basis to provide some general information about their business and the corona virus. The full results of each month’s pulse survey can be accessed here.

If you have any questions about the pulse survey, please contact Marc Magnus, Vice President Trade, Corporate Responsibility and Legal, mmagnus@wfsgi.org.

TAKE PART IN NOVEMBER’S SURVEY: In order to increase the data we can analyse and thus increase the value of the overall results, we would like to encourage all interested companies to participate in the pulse survey by clicking on this link. All results will be anonymised and no individual company data will be shared.


To get to the OECD Country Policy Tracker click here!

This Country Policy Tracker will help you to navigate the global response and gives you answers to questions like:

  • What are countries doing to contain the spread of the coronavirus?
  • How are countries helping people, small businesses and the economy to weather the crisis and beyond?
  • When will different business be allowed to reopen?