Mr. Martin Künzi

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Mr. Martin Künzi

CFO and Deputy Executive Officer IIC-INTERSPORT International Corp. GmbH
WFSGI Treasurer

Organizational Involvement

Board of Management of the wholly-owned companies of IIC in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Shenzhen/PRC as well as Atlanta/US and Amsterdam/NL.

Member of the Executive Board and Finance Committee (as Treasurer) of WFSGI.

Member of the Focus Bern initiative.

2018 – Co-Chairman of LEDECO Sàrl.

2019 – Lecturing at the Nanjing University.

Educational Background

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with special emphasis on finance, accounting and controlling.


Master’s Degree of the Universities of Rochester/US and Bern/CH.

Work Experience

1989 – 1921 – Financial Controller REHAU Group.


1992 – 1999 – Different functions within the international consumer electronics group INTERDISCOUNT: Group Overseas Financial Manager, then Head of Group Controlling, and finally Chief Financial Officer.


1999 – 2020 – joined the group management of IICINTERSPORT International Corporation.