Product Reviews Management (Gominga)

Product Reviews Management (Gominga)

The WFSGI partnered with a Munich-based technology company gominga e-Services GmbH, the leader in online review management.    

Customer feedback in terms of online reviews has become more and more important and especially nowadays, as the covid-19 pandemic endures, online platforms such as Amazon continue to strive.


People spend more time online and all manner of digital behaviors have been accelerated (to e.g. connect with others), consumers search more for credible guidance to aid purchasing decisions, and more detailed information about what they are looking to buy. 

While reviews originate in the online world, their impact has reached the offline world as well.


Reviews are used at every touch point along the customer journey and have changed our consumer behavior fundamentally.

Online marketplace such as Amazon are here to stay and play an important role even within the sporting goods industry today. 

But industry specific players such as REI or ChainReactionCycles also use reviews to promote products on their ecommerce websites. That is why sporting goods brands need to embrace this development and start to manage online reviews. A rating strategy is needed and a solid implementation key

Gominga’s core business is: 

 • Market research and customer care at the digital POS 

 • Monitoring, alerting and analysis of product and store reviews 

 • Business intelligence and market insights by analyzing customer feedback 

 • Direct interaction with end consumers by replying to reviews and questions 

 • Covering all global e-business platforms such as Amazon or Google and many more 

Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase!

Source: Northwestern University/Spiegel Reserach Center, Review Tracker (2018) 

For more information on this project please see: 


“Do you know what your customer thinks about you? How online reviews affect your brand reputation.”

gominga webinar with the WFSGI 


“To Improve Sales and Brand Image”
Christian Driehaus, Co-Founder gominga eServices GmbH
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